What Are the Reviews of Whirlpool Refrigerators?


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Whirlpool refrigerators receive positive, negative and mixed reviews on a variety of sites. While some reviewers have positive sentiments on Amazon, others quote problems such as the accumulation of water under the refrigerator as a disadvantage of Whirlpool refrigerators.

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Different models of Whirlpool refrigerators receive varied reviews. The French Door Whirlpool series receives mostly positive reviews with many reviewers enjoying its spacious drawers. This allows for the storage of a large quantity of food.

The Whirlpool Gold refrigerator series receives mixed reviews on Amazon. Many reviewers note that the refrigerator is efficient in the first year, but soon start to develop technical problems. The major complaint among reviewers is the accumulation of water at the bottom of the refrigerator. Reviewers note that repairmen state having come across this problem in Whirlpool refrigerators, particularly this series. Some reviewers also complain of a shorter lifespan for Whirlpool refrigerators as compared to other brands.

Several reviewers note that Whirlpool refrigerators have steady temperatures that are unaffected by climate changes. However, others say that temperatures are not the same in different parts of the fridge. The easy-to-use display on Whirlpool refrigerators is quoted as an added benefit by many reviewers. The stainless steel finishes on some of the Whirlpool refrigerators is noted by many as smudge-resistant.

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