What Do Reviews Typically Say About Two-Drawer Bosch Dishwashers?


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As of 2016, two-drawer Bosch dishwasher reviews are typically positive. A two-drawer Bosch dishwasher review listed on DoubleDrawerDishwasher.org refers to the model as a "work of art" and gives plenty of general information on the 2012 Bosch double-drawer dishwasher model. TheKitchn.com lists a two-drawer Bosch dishwasher review that names Bosch the most premium dishwasher brand. However, the review also questions the Bosch two-drawer dishwasher reliability and price points.

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According to DoubleDrawerDishwasher.org, two-drawer Bosch dishwashers allows users to run smaller loads of dirty dishes, saving money and water. The site's review mentions that the 2012 two-drawer Bosch dishwasher has two motors, making it a very quiet yet efficient machine. It also goes through the dishwasher's basic functions, such as its flow-through detergent system that protects glasses and dishes from detergent stains, as well as adjustable shelves and racks that allow users to adjust load size for large platters or pans.

The two-drawer Bosch dishwasher review on TheKitchn.com states that the two-drawer Bosch Integra 800 Plus Series SHX68E is a very popular dishwasher. The Bosch Integra 800 Plus Series SHX68E, which is sold for about $1,760 at AJ Madison, as of 2016, is considered a premium, top-of-the-line two-drawer dishwasher model. However, anecdotal evidence suggests the two-drawer Bosch dishwasher is not very reliable.

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