What Are Some Reviews of Solar Pool Heaters?

As of 2105, reviews of the Sunheater solar pool panel on Amazon.com are mixed. Of the five reviews posted, the heater receives an average of 2 ½ stars out of a five-star rating.

Some reviewers note that that while the panels work and keep the water 8 degrees warmer on average, placing them correctly for efficient water heating is difficult. One reviewer notes that it was necessary to build a wooden rack so that the panels lay flat and at a 45-degree angle to catch the sun’s rays. Another reviewer returned the product because it required extensive modifications.

The Sunheater solar panel is advertised on Amazon.com as being capable of raising the water temperature 10 to 15 degrees and reducing costly fuel bills. It uses an existing pool pump and comes with do-it-yourself instructions and connecting hardware.

The Smartpool WWS601P Sunheater solar pool heater for in-ground pools receives a 3.8 out of five-star average rating on Amazon.com as of 2015. One reviewer states that it works well and raises the water temperature 10 degrees. Some note that while the heater works as advertised and the quality is good, it is difficult to unroll and lay flat, and other reviewers complain that the instructions are lacking and the rubber connectors do not work properly without additional modifications. One reviewer notes that installing this heater is not for a novice and suggests that people unfamiliar with this type of plumbing layout use a professional pool installer to help with design and installation.