How Do You Find Reviews for Soaker Hoses?

To find soaker hose reviews, go to websites such as Write on Target, Gardening Products, Ace Hardware, Five 30 Reviews and Wal-Mart. Write-on-Target has an extensive review of a Gilmour flat soaker hose. The review includes a description of the features, prices and warranty of the soaker hose, as well as the writer's personal experience with it.

Ace Hardware has information about all the soaker hoses it sells as well as customer reviews of the products. In their reviews, customers list each product's pros and cons, discuss whether or not they would recommend it to a friend, and rate the product on a scale of one to five. The website also has descriptions of soaker hoses, their prices, information about shipping and return policy. Visitors can search soaker hoses on the website and sort them by rating.

Wal-Mart has many soaker hoses available on its website. Visitors can view customer reviews of each hose, features of the item, its price, rating and other information.

Five 30 Reviews features a detailed customer review of the Melnor soaker hose. The article includes information about the item's functionality and quality and a video of the hose being used.

Gardening Products reviews the Dramm Colorstorm premium soaker hose. The article includes general information about soaker hoses, details about this hose and information on where to buy the hose.