What Are Some Reviews of the ScaleBlaster?


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A majority of reviews for ScaleBlaster are positive, but there are negative and mixed reviews as well. Many reviewers mention that ScaleBlaster is easy to install and convenient to use, while others complain that it takes long to work after installation and that the installation instructions can be misleading.

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What Are Some Reviews of the ScaleBlaster?
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Several reviewers state that ScaleBlaster provides an environmentally safe approach to removing lime scale deposits in household pipes and stainless steel sinks. Many reviewers indicate that the system gives water a better taste by softening hard water without having to add chemicals or salt. Some reviewers acknowledge that ScaleBlaster has a good compact size and weight for installation.

Other reviewers point out that the system is easy to maintain and works well for individuals who are on salt-restricted diets. Other reviewers remark that the system protects water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines from mineral buildup, therefore prolonging their lifespans. One reviewer remarked that the system is cheap to purchase and energy efficient.

However, some reviewers complain that the installation instructions can be confusing for some individuals, which often leads to failure of the system. Other reviewers protest that after installation, the system takes up to 90 days before it starts working. Other reviewers lament that the installation requires an electrical outlet within six inches of the system, and finding the best system for installation can be tricky.

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