What Do Reviews Say About the Quincy Air Compressor Company?

What Do Reviews Say About the Quincy Air Compressor Company?

Quincy Air Compressor Company and its products generally receive high marks from reviewers in terms of features, value, quality and performance as of 2015. Nearly all Quincy air compressors have above four-star reviews, with the sole exception being the Quincy QGS 5-HP 60-Gallon Rotary Screw Compressor.

Based on the reviews, users of Quincy products consistently refer to them as quiet, fast, easy to use and of high quality. Criticisms of Quincy air compressors tend to be that they are too expensive, too heavy or unreliable.

Quincy Air Compressor Company has been an industry leader in quality air compressors and related equipment since 1920. Quincy air compressors are a popular choice in industries that rely on compressed air technology, including the automotive, manufacturing, food and beverage, energy, and medical fields. Quincy's products are designed to deliver reliable, stable pressure at low operating and maintenance costs.

Quincy has received numerous awards for its products, including the 2010 Manufacturing/Automation Summit Gold Award for compressed air products for its QGD rotary screw air compressor. Quincy has also received the Liberty Mutual Gold Safety Award, the EnPro Industries Presidential Safety Award and the Automation Progressive Manufacturing Award.

Quincy is constantly trying to reduce costs, improve efficiency and provide new solutions to the engineering challenges of the present and future, according to its website.