What Do Reviews Say About Napoleon Fireplaces?

As of 2016, reviews for Napoleon fireplaces are generally positive. Most reviewers are impressed with the level of warmth and efficiency of the electric fireplaces. Customers say installation is simple and the products have the advantage of being easily moved to different parts of the room or the house.

Many of the reviews available for different models of Napoleon fireplaces mention their beautiful design that can add extra sophistication to any room. Customers seem happy with the adjustable heating settings and overall heating capacity. Some models, such as the Napoleon NEFV38H, come with an ambient lighting feature, including three color options that customers find attractive. Many Amazon reviews for Napoleon fireplaces mention that their price is competitive, especially based on the quality and stylish design of the products.

One reviewer explains that the Napoleon EFL32H model is a beautiful ambiance piece of furniture but wishes its flame looked more realistic. Another review for the Napoleon EFL50H mentions that the fireplace is a great centerpiece for living rooms because of its beautiful design and LED flames, even without necessarily having to use the heating option. A negative comment about some of the Napoleon models is that the product description and instructions indicate there are touch screen controls but these are hidden at the back of the fireplace and can be hard to locate.