What Do Reviews Say About Landmark Shingles?


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Reviews of Landmark architectural shingles are generally mixed, as of October 2015. Many reviewers point to the shingles' affordability and ease of installation as selling points, while others denounce the shingles as being weak and ill-equipped to handle extreme weather conditions.

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Fowler Homes, a home restoration company, compares Landmark and Timberline shingles in an effort to highlight the best option for consumers. The review finds that although Landmark shingles are generally more expensive than Timberline brand shingles, there are no significant differences in the performance of Landmark shingles. In fact, in some instances, the Landmark shingles performed worse. For example, Timberline insures its shingles for winds up to 130 miles per hour, but Landmark insures its shingles only up to 110 miles per hour.

Research Roofing gives a more favorable review for Landmark shingles, as it points to the overall affordability and range of color and design options offered by Landmark. Furthermore, the website also states that because the shingles are so popular, consumers can normally find Landmark shingles at any home improvement store that carries roofing supplies. Research Roofing gives the Landmark shingles a rating of 4 stars out of 5.

The consumer reviews at Roofery.com are highly polarized between those who do and those who don't recommend Landmark shingles. That being said, there are almost double the amount of negative reviews than there are positive ones. Dissatisfied customers focused on the shingles' durability and warranty issues.

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