What Do Reviews Say About Electric Cake Ovens?


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Some reviews indicate that various types of electric ovens are good for baking cakes. In general, it is possible to bake a cake in most types of ovens, however the cooking time and temperature may vary.

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In general, electric ovens are comparable to electric ovens, with only minor differences between the two. Electric-powered ovens are available in convection or conventional formats. Conventional ovens have a stationary heat source, while convection ovens are equipped with a fan to circulate hot air. Convection ovens heat up faster and therefore reduce the cooking time for many items. For this reason, a conventional electric oven may be the best choice for baking cakes, as the stationary heat source and slower heating allows the cake to cook evenly.

Reviewed.com's review of the Bosch HBL8451UC 30-inch single electric wall oven indicate that this electric oven bakes cakes evenly and efficiently. GoodHouseKeeping.com's review of the DeLonghi electric toaster oven notes that the oven baked a good, evenly cooked cake.

Choice.com notes that electric ovens tend to distribute heat more evenly than gas ovens. Even heat distribution is a helpful factor in a properly cooked cake. The same website notes that gas ovens do not dry food out as much as electric ovens, therefore large or dry cakes may benefit from gas cooking.

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