What Do Reviews Say About Congoleum DuraCeramic Tiles?

Overall, as of 2105, the reviews of Congoleum DuraCermic tiles are negative and indicate that the tiles are not very durable. On Amazon.com, one reviewer stated that he dropped two house keys on the tile which resulted in noticeable chips. Another reviewer on PissedConsumer.com stated that despite minimal use her tiles quickly developed black spots from wear. A review on FloorTalk.com was much more positive, indicating that the tiles are a cost-effective alternative to ceramic.

Other negative comments include that the tiles are not waterproof, despite claims otherwise, and that Congoleum's customer service is unsatisfactory. Many consumers expressed disappointment in reviews that the design on the tiles is only a very thin layer that can easily degrade. Others indicated that the Congoleum grout that is recommended for use with DuraCeramic tiles quickly cracked.

Congoleum DuraCeramic tile is a synthetic tile that is designed to mimic the appearance of ceramic. It is softer and, according to several reviews, warmer than ceramic. Additionally, according to OneProjectCloser.com, DuraCeramic tiles are relatively easy to install because they require less subfloor preparation than other flooring options. However, the same reviewer also indicated that the softness of the tiles are the cause of the primary complaint, which is that they damage easily. Several reviews mention that the tiles are attractive until they are damaged.