What Do Reviews Say About Bosch Ovens?


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Reviews for Bosch ovens generally highlight them as well-designed and high-quality options. Even though impressions vary between models, the reviews of Bosch oven are almost universally positive. The most commonly mentioned advantages include simplicity, ease of use and even cooking. Furthermore, nearly every review praised the attractive, stainless-steel finishes and sleek, simple styling.

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Bosch offers both wall and conventional ovens. In general the wall ovens have received superior reviews. Notably Reviewed.com selected the Bosch HBL8451UC as the best oven of the year in 2014. This review raved about the oven featuring true convection, which results in extremely even cooking. Additionally, this and many of the other reviews cited rapid pre-heating as a major positive.

Some of the negative comments included certain models being unreliable. One reviewer indicated that he or she has owned three Bosch ovens and had trouble with the robustness of two of them. Several reviews also stated that the ovens vent a significant amount of heat into the kitchen, especially when cooling after use.

Overall, the reviews for Bosch ovens indicate that it is a good choice for its price range, typically between $1,500 and $4,000. They also suggest that the brand is ideal for cooking enthusiasts.

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