How Are the Reviews for The Rock Frying Pan?

Most of the reviews for The Rock frying pan on Wal-Mart’s website and tend to be highly favorable, but mixed and negative reviews also appear. Many reviewers rate the frying pan as durable, energy-efficient and comfortable to hold and like its nonstick surface. Others complain of some food ingredients sticking to the pan and of misleading advertisements.

A majority of the reviews for The Rock frying pan on point out that the product is nonstick due to a specially-designed coating on the surface. Many people also note that the coating is resistant to abrasion, which enhances the useful life of the pan. Aluminum, steel and glass are the other materials contributing to the pan’s durability. The base is made of aluminum, while the handle and lid are made of stainless steel and glass respectively.

Most of the positive reviews for The Rock on Wal-Mart’s website also mention the nonstick benefit, and malso any reviewers consider the product energy-efficient and ergonomically designed. Aluminum, which forms the base of the pan, is a good conductor of heat.

Some reviewers, however, complain that food, mainly eggs, sticks to the pan. Other complaints concern shipping, with the package received not containing the glass lid as advertised.