What Are Some Reviews for Quiet Refrigerators?

What Are Some Reviews for Quiet Refrigerators?

Consumer Reports lists several quiet refrigerators with good reviews, as of 2015, including the Samsung Chef Collection RF34H9960S4, Kenmore 7160 and Bosch Linea 800 B22CS80SN. Other notable quiet refrigerators include the LG LFX32945ST and the Samsung T9000 RF32FMQDBSR.

Consumer Reports divides the reviews for quiet refrigerators into types. For those who like the four-door bottom freezer style, the top picks are the Samsung Chef Collection RF34H9960S4, which costs about $5,400, and the Samsung T9000 RF32FMQDBSR, which costs about $3,500.

When looking at the three-door bottom freezer styles, Consumer Reports chooses the Kenmore 7160, at $1,700, as a best buy and also mentions the LG LFX32945ST, which costs about $3,000, as an excellent choice for noise reduction.

An excellent option for people seeking a conventional bottom freezer style is the LG LDC24370ST, which is $1,650. Consumer Reports also explains that none of the high-scoring top freezer-refrigerator models are excellent when considering noise, but there are some that have good ratings for noise, including the affordable Haier HT21TS45SW for about $800 and the Whirlpool WRT771REY for $1,100.

Consumer Reports reviews side-by-side refrigerators too, and some of the best for noise are the Samsung RS25H5121SR, which is about $1,900, and the Bosch Linea 800 B22CS80SN, which is $2,700.