What Are the Reviews for Nonstick Cookware?


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A majority of reviews for nonstick cookware are positive, but there are negative and mixed reviews as well. Many reviewers mention that this cookware is durable and easy to use and clean, while others complain of its lightweight and that the coating wears off over time.

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What Are the Reviews for Nonstick Cookware?
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Most reviewers mention that nonstick cookware is convenient for use when preparing food because it has a nonstick coating, which does not allow food to stick on it. Several reviewers indicate that nonstick cookware is easy to clean after preparing food and that it is made using special aluminum, which makes it last longer. Some reviewers state that nonstick cookware uses less fat when cooking and the heat spreads evenly in the pan making them convenient for use.

Many reviewers remark that the cookware is fitted with lids, which come with a knob that allows the user to adjust the vent for the steam to be released. Other reviewers cite that the cookware have a warranty guaranteeing them for future repairs. However, some reviewers protest that the non-stick surfaces wear off over time and the food begins to stick while cooking.

Other reviewers complain that the exposed metal handle near the pan gets hot when cooking and can burn the user if not handled carefully. Some reviewers object that the nonstick cookware is lightweight and the smaller pans have a thin layer of the nonstick coating that makes them less effective.

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