What Are the Reviews Like for Ollie's Furniture?

Reviews for furniture from Ollie's Bargain Outlets are mixed. Some reviews indicate that the furniture available at the store is reasonably priced for the quality. However, common complaints include that the store is disorganized and the available stock is of very low quality.

Ollie's Bargain Outlet is a chain of discount stores operating in the United States. On Yelp, some customer reviews are quite positive, indicating that furniture from Ollie's is much cheaper than from nearby furniture stores, while still being of a reasonably good quality. Some reviews on the same website are more negative. The negative reviews often cite the store's disorganized interior and note that many of the items available for purchase are broken or damaged.

A few reviews note that Ollie's 30-day return policy is helpful, and it is easy to return items as long as the buyer has the receipt. The store also offers a rewards program that allows customers to collect points for each purchase that they can put toward future purchases. This offer may not be available at every location.

The chain sells furniture and houseware as well as non-perishable clothing, toys and food. Ollie's generally sells overstock from other department stores, so the availability and quality of items vary greatly by location.