What Are Some Reviews About the Husqvarna 136 Chainsaw?

Numerous reviews of the Husqvarna 136 state that it is a good chainsaw for the money, as it combines ease of use for home applications with good safety features and a low price, as of 2015. There are multiple places to find user-generated reviews of the Husqvarna 136 chainsaw.

There is also disagreement among some chainsaw users on the quality of the Husqvarna 136 due to its smaller, lighter chassis and cheaper price. Some users swear the Husqvarna 136 chainsaw is a reliable chainsaw for smaller applications, while others claim it is a lower-quality saw, with some even alleging that the saw is manufactured by another brand called Poulan.

However, Husqvarna assures customers that the 136 is designed in Sweden and built in America like all of its other products. The saw is mostly recommended for smaller home-owner applications, as opposed to larger commercial applications. The Husqvarna 136 model is one of the lower-end models offered by the company in terms of price and recommended application. Most users find it beneficial for the occasional sawing workload, but would not recommend the saw for long-term or heavy duty use.

Reviews of other Husqvarna models may also help determine the overall brand quality of Husqvarna products and can be readily found at various retail web sites.