What Are the Reviews on the Hamilton Beach Small Toaster?


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The small Hamilton Beach toaster receives positive reviews, but there are also negative reviews as well. Many reviewers on Amazon had positive reviews for the toaster while other complained of its inconsistency while toasting, being highly priced and small sized.

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The reviews for the Hamilton Beach small toaster as an excellent toaster are mixed. The majority of reviewers rated the toaster's efficiency and usability above average. Many reviewers on Amazon mentioned that the toaster has a good size and unique functionality. Several reviewers stated that the Hamilton Beach small model has a good style, color and a smooth aluminum finish making it easy to clean the interior and exterior parts. One reviewer mentioned that the toaster toasts well and it is spacious.

Some reviewers complained about an annoying beeping sound produced when the toaster is plugged in and out or when it is being switched to the oven. One reviewer complained that the dial determining toast darkness was difficult to turn. One reviewer stated that the toaster toasts unevenly and the toaster slot did not open completely, hence it had to be opened manually. Several reviewers mentioned that the three steel wire racks are well positioned depending on the food being cooked, as well as the quantity of the food, which creates convenience user satisfaction.

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