What Are Some Reviews of Electrolux Appliances?

What Are Some Reviews of Electrolux Appliances?

As of 2015, Electrolux appliances receive mostly positive reviews, but there are mixed and negative reviews as well. Most reviews on Electrux vacuum cleaners are positive, with some reviewers mentioning that they operate very quietly. Electrolux cook tops receive mixed reviews, with some reviewers complaining about their short life.

Different Electrolux appliances receive differing reviews on a variety of websites. The reviews are based on features and overall customer experiences with the products. Several reviewers mention that Electrolux vacuum cleaners are efficient and collect all types of dirt and dust, leaving the home allergen-free.

Several positive reviews mention that the Electrolux UltraSilencer EL6986A is very efficient and operates quietly. One reviewer mentions that this vacuum cleaner cleans tiles well and collects hair and other small dirt particles. However, several reviewers report experiencing problems with the on/off switch on this model.

Electrolux cook tops receive mixed reviews on Amazon and other websites. Several reviewers post negative reviews for the E36IC80ISS 36-inch cook top, with some mentioning that the heating elements stopped working after a few uses. This model received one out of five stars on Amazon, with most reviewers complaining about the short life.

The Electrolux 80 24-inch dishwasher receives positive reviews, with one customer mentioning that it is very user-friendly. However, another reviewer mentions that the dishwasher requires constant repair, which can be expensive.