What Are Some Reviews of the EasyOn Gutterguard?

Reviews of the EasyOn gutterguard are largely positive, garnering 4.7 stars out of five on the Costco website. Many reviewers have stated that the guards are good quality, durable and easy to install. Criticisms of the guards include occasional clogging with very heavy rain and debris build-up and difficulty trimming the guards to the correct length.

Positive reviews state that, as the name suggests, the EasyOn gutterguard is simple to affix, with many claiming they were able to complete the installation in a couple of hours. Many reviewers are pleased with the quality of the product, praising how well it keeps gutters free from dirt and leaves. One reviewer mentioned that the manufacturer is easy to deal with and that any issues with the guard are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Critical reviewers mostly pointed out problems with cutting and shaping the gutterguard and needing to use different tools, which became time consuming and made installation more difficult. Others found the fine mesh covering the gutter prone to becoming clogged with silt or grit from the roof, causing water to cascade and overflow. One reviewer found the mesh to be too fine, particularly in heavy downpours, stopping the water from penetrating and running through to the gutter beneath.