How Do Reviews on Carrier and Lennox Compare?


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Most of the customer reviews for Carrier furnaces at Furnace Compare are negative, with only 30 percent of the customers recommending Carrier, as of 2015. Reviews of the Lennox furnaces are also negative, with 36 percent of the customers recommending it. However, there are some positive reviews for both brands.

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Reviewers on Furnace Compare have noted that Carriers are noisy, they fail quite easily, customer service is poor and they are of poor quality. Some reviewers have stated that a Carrier furnace offers good performance, saves energy and saves room because it is small. Reviewers on this site have complained that Lennox furnaces fail easily and are expensive to repair; however, some reviewers have stated that Lennox Furnaces are quiet and Lennox offers good customer service.

On Consumer Affairs, the satisfaction rating of most reviewers is negative for both the Carrier and Lennox furnaces. Many reviewers found the Carrier furnace to have filter problems. Most parts of the furnace damage easily and repair costs are high. However, some reviewers have rated Carrier furnaces as highly durable, and one reviewer notes that poor installation is the major cause of failures in furnaces. Many reviewers have complained that Lennox furnaces fail easily and are costly to repair. Some reviewers have rated Lennox furnaces as highly durable.

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