What Are the Reviews on the Blueair 203 HEPA Silent Air Purifier?


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The majority of the reviews on the Blueair 203 HEPA silent air purifier tend to be positive, but there are negative and mixed reviews as well. Many people rate the air purifier as highly effective, while others complain about it being pricey and loud.

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As of 2015, the Blueair HEPA silent air purifier receives mixed reviews on different websites. According to most reviewers on Amazon, the air purifier manages allergies by producing clean air that is free of dust and other allergens. The purifier also produces white noise that is useful for blocking external noise from surrounding buildings. Some positive reviewers mention that the purifier has a separate digital timer that enables it to be placed anywhere in the room.

Some positive reviewers stated that the air purifier has an incredible blue light that illuminates the whole room. Some reviewers complained that the filter requires constant replacement, with some replacing theirs every six months, which can be expensive. According to one reviewer on Air Purifiers America, the purifier’s fan began to squeak after using it for one and a half years, and it was impossible to lubricate it.

Other reviewers mentioned that the purifier is expensive as compared to other brands, and produced a lot of noise, which made them uncomfortable at night. Some reviewers stated that the air purifier has a long life, good value and is user-friendly.

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