What Do Reviewers Say About the Quality of Cutco Knives?


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Reviews on Amazon.com are generally positive with regards to the quality of Cutco knives. Many reviewers compliment the sharpness of the knives and the knives' high-quality construction. Reviewers also state that the company often sends out replacement parts for free. However, about 25 percent of the reviews on Amazon.com are negative. One reviewer lists out eight different disadvantages to Cutco knives, such as the knives' high cost. Other reviews mention faulty knives upon delivery or warranty issues.

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The Cutco 2018C set of knives listed on Amazon.com receives 88 different customer reviews averaging a 4.1 out of five-star rating. Of the 88 reviewers, 61 percent of them rate the Cutco knife set at five stars; 25 percent of reviewers rate them at one star.

Several of the five-star reviews on Amazon.com mention that Cutco provides excellent customer service. Many users who left five-star reviews claim to have owned their Cutco knife set for several years and complimented how long they stay sharp and how seldom they need to be sharpened.

Many of Cutco's one-star reviews on Amazon complain about misleading sales pitches that lasted more than 90 minutes. Several other one-star reviews mentioned misrepresentation by Cutco sales representatives, stating that representatives attempted to solicit 20 names of friends and family members who would consent to a demonstration. One reviewer states that she is suspicious of the positive reviews and suspects that they were written by sales representatives.

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