What Do Reviewers Say About Kubota Riding Lawn Mowers?

Most reviews of Kubota riding lawn mowers praise the quality, performance and design of these tractors. The mowers stand up well to similar machines in side-by-side tests. However, some users report problems with the mowers overheating; common service issues with Kubota machines also include difficulty starting the engine.

The reviews of Kubota lawn tractors on PopularMechanics.com were positive overall. One reviewer admired the tractor's performance and considered it to be a well-built machine. He observed that the mower deck rattled while cutting, which should not happen with a tractor as expensive as the Kubota. The reviewer also noted that the engine tended to cut off quickly while cutting in reverse if the engine button override switch was not engaged. Another reviewer lauded the Kubota for its fuel efficiency, power and precision, remarking that the diesel model was more fuel efficient than gas models of a similar size.

Some reviews of Kubota on LawnSite.com were mixed, but most users had positive opinions of the machines. One user observed that the tractors tend to be heavy and, therefore, may work better on larger areas than on small lawns. Others observed that the heavy weight of the machines can make them less effective on wet grass or boggy ground. One Kubota owner remarked that the tractors' radiator covers can become clogged and are difficult to clean. Reviewers also observed that Kubotas are more expensive than similar tractors made by other manufacturers; however, they praised the Kubota mowers for their power and efficiency.