How Do You Reupholster a Dining Room Chair?


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To reupholster a dining room chair, unscrew the upholstered seat, and remove the old fabric to use as a pattern for the new cover. If needed, replace any foam and padding, and then staple the new fabric onto the underside of the seat board.

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  1. Remove the seat

    Turn the chair over, and unscrew the seat from the frame. With pliers, remove the staples and the old fabric.

  2. Make a pattern

    Use the old fabric as a pattern, or outline the seat board, and add a 3-inch allowance. Cut out a cushion cover from the new fabric. Before recovering the seat, inspect any foam or padding, and replace it if it is excessively worn.

  3. Recover the seat

    Place the fabric wrong side up on a table, and center the seat over the fabric with the cushion on the table. Staple the edge of the fabric in the center along one side. Pull the fabric taut, and staple it in the center along the opposite edge. Staple along the center of the edges on the other two sides. Return to the first side, and place additional staples along the edge. Pull the fabric tightly, staple all along the opposite edge, and then repeat for the other two sides. Once covered, replace the seat on the frame, and screw it back on.

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