How Do You Reupholster a Couch?

How Do You Reupholster a Couch?

The tools needed to reupholster a couch are fabric, a sewing machine, needle-nose pliers, an iron and a staple gun with staples. An extra set of hands helps make work easier.

  1. Prepare the couch for reupholstering

    Inspect the old fabric and note how it is sewn and attached to the couch, paying particular attention to the corners. Measure the fabric, and take notes on how much fabric is needed.

  2. Remove the old fabric

    Use needle-nose pliers to remove all the staples and fabric. Check the padding, springs and the couch’s foundation. Assess whether the couch is worth reupholstering based on the damage. Replace the foam and springs if necessary.

  3. Buy new fabric

    Purchase new fabric based on the measurements and notes. Ensure that the fabric is specifically designed for upholstery so as to guarantee a quality finish. Carry a sample if necessary.

  4. Cut and iron the fabric

    Cut the fabric slightly bigger than the couch’s dimensions. Iron the fabric after cutting

  5. Staple the fabric to the couch

    Staple the fabric to the couch using a staple gun. Stretch the fabric as you staple to avoid creases, so as to get a neat and clean result. Begin with the bottom of the couch, making your way to the back and sides.

  6. Make cushion covers

    Sew couch cushion covers. Use buttons or zipper closures depending on your preference.