What Is Retrofit Air Conditioning?


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Retrofit air conditioning the process of upgrading older homes that do not have air conditioners with air-conditioning systems by cutting and patching walls, floors and ceilings. A mini-split system has individual units in individual rooms, while a high-velocity system uses tubing to provide the chilled air.

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The tubes for high-velocity systems are 2 inches in diameter and insulated. They can be tunneled through walls and ceilings. Mini-split systems use a power line to connect them to an outdoor unit that has a compressor and fan. Retrofit air conditioning systems are more expensive than the duct systems installed in more-modern homes, but they are often a wiser choice in older homes. This is because older homes require carpentry and finish work after duct systems are installed, whereas they do not with retrofit systems.

Retrofit air conditioning is also a way for homeowners to avoid window air conditioners that may ruin the view of a home. Homeowners should evaluate the electrical systems of their homes to ensure the homes can handle retrofit systems. In some cases, the electrical system needs to be updated. The systems should be appropriately sized. Air-conditioning systems that are too big or too small lead to higher bills and more noise and uneven air conditioning.

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