How Do I Retrieve Maytag Repair Codes?


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A Maytag repair code is available through the Maytag website. For instance, if there is a repair code on the display of a Maytag front-load washer, such as F25, a person knows that the motor is having difficulty turning.

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A possible code on a Maytag front-load washer is Sud, which indicates the washer is producing too many suds. If the code Sud is displayed, the washer cannot spin, and it automatically extends the time it takes to rinse. When it does this, tumbling is paused, and more water is added. The Sud code is fine to see in the rinse cycle, but if the cycle is complete, the clothing likely is not fully rinsed.

A person may see the code F20, too, and this indicates that the washer has a water supply problem. In this case, the homeowner should make sure that the water is on in the home and that hot and cold water are coming from the household faucet. It is also important to check that both the hot and cold water should be connected to the washer as it does not work with only one source of water coming in. If the owner only wants to use cold water, a Y-connector needs to be used to water can go into both lines.

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