What Are Some Retired Fenton Art Glass Lamps?

What Are Some Retired Fenton Art Glass Lamps?

The cobalt blue swan kerosene lamp, 18-inch student French-style trellis lamp, ruby red opalescent spiral optic lamp, the limited edition French opalescent hurricane lamp and the lavender crest opalescent student lamp are some retired Fenton Art Glass lamps. The cobalt blue tulips torchiere lamp is a another, more recently retired Fenton art glass lamp as of 2016.

There are no definitive sources of continuously updated lists of retired Fenton art glass lamps, and even collectors and antiques dealers appear to be at the mercy of hearsay. Precisely for this reason, the websites of collectors, antiques dealers, antiques appraisers and online auction sites, such as eBay.com, are potential sources of information about retired Fenton art glass lamps.

S&K Collectibles, for instance, occasionally lists limited edition Fenton art glass lamps on its website, SandKCollectibles.com. While limited editions are not necessarily retired, their limited run means there are only so many produced and in circulation, which places their value and rarity on a par with retired lamps.

Old Fenton art glass catalogs are another potential source of information about retired Fenton lamps. Many of the old catalogs are actual pages on FentonArtGlass.com, and some of the catalogs include lists of authorized Fenton art glass dealers throughout the United States.

WorthPoint.com is an online antiques research and valuation hub. A keyword search using the terms "retired Fenton lamps" retrieves dozens of results primarily from eBay.com as of 2016. The list consists of previously sold items, with past sale prices serving as valuation benchmarks.