How Do You Retile a Shower?


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To retile a shower, remove the old tiles, snap chalk lines for the tiles, apply the mortar and add tiles. After adding all the whole tiles, cut tiles to fit around edges and fixtures, add grout and seal the grout. You need tiles, grout, mortar and sealer for this project.

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  1. Prepare the shower

    Turn off the water to the shower. Remove all the fixtures, and place a tarp or plastic dropcloth on the bottom of the shower.

  2. Remove the old tiles

    Use an grinding tool to remove the grout, and then use a hammer and chisel to pop off the old tiles. Scrape the mortar from the wall.

  3. Snap the chalk lines

    Place a tile along the bottom of the shower wall. Mark the wall at the top edge of the tile. After 12 inches, repeat the process. Use these marks to snap chalk lines for reference when laying the tiles.

  4. Apply the mortar

    Apply mortar to the wall with a notched trowel, working in small sections.

  5. Lay the tiles

    Starting out at the bottom and outer edge of the shower walls, lay the tiles in the mortar. Place spacers at each corner of the tile to create a grout line.

  6. Cut tiles

    Use a wet saw to cut tiles to fit in at the edges and around fixtures.

  7. Add the grout

    After the mortar is dry, remove the spacers and add grout to the lines between the tiles using a grout float. Wipe excess grout off the tiles.

  8. Seal the grout

    Allow the grout to dry before adding a coat of grout sealer. Apply a second coat after the first coat dries thoroughly.

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