What Are Some Retailers of Stylish Water Glasses?

What Are Some Retailers of Stylish Water Glasses?

Some retailers of stylish water glasses include Williams-Sonoma and Villeroy & Boch. Bloomingdale's, Polyvore and Crate and Barrel also sell stylish water glasses and water goblets.

Crate and Barrel sells the Jane water goblet, which has a large tulip-shaped bowl and a short stem. The Garcia water goblet is wider and more robust than the Jane goblet, and the Tour water goblet is "hipped." Crate and Barrel also sells working glasses, cooler glasses and highballs that can also be used as water glasses.

Polyvore sells the fferrone Margot water goblet, which has a thick stem and angled bowl, both of which are fluted. It is handmade from borosilicate glass in the Czech Republic. Polyvore also sells Neiman Marcus' GG Collection. These water goblets have stems and feet made of cast aluminum.

Bloomingdales sells water goblets from Baccarat, Luigi Bormioli, Juliska, William Yeoward and Orrefors among others. The William Yeoward Palmyra goblet has a bowl etched with palm trees, while the Juliska goblets are hand-pressed and footed.

Villeroy & Boch sells the tulip-shaped stemless Entrée water/cocktail glass as well as the New Cottage Crystal light water tumblers with tints of rose or green. It also offers a set of four Purismo water tumblers.

Williams-Sonoma sells water tumblers and goblets with vintage etching. The Astoria and Riedel Vinum water goblets can also be monogrammed.