What Retailers Sell Yard Waste-Burning Containers?

What Retailers Sell Yard Waste-Burning Containers?

Amazon.com and eBay.com sell yard waste-burning containers. A number of rubbish burn container manufacturers also distribute containers to large home-improvement retailers, such as The Home Depot, Lowe’s and Ace Hardware. Others, such as DrPower.com, another container maker, sell their products online.

Also called fire bins, mini waste incinerators or rubbish burners, these containers are ideal for burning food scraps, leaves, branches, grass and paper. Before buying a waste-burning container, check if the city has existing ordinances about burning waste.

Online marketplaces Amazon.com and eBay.com offer a wide range of trash burner made from different materials, such as galvanized steel, stainless steel and carbon steel. Most of the trash containers have ventilation holes where smoke can escape and oxygen can come in to keep the fire going. The holes are small and keep rodents and other pests from going infesting the trash can while not in use. Most items are brand new, while others are used and may have scratches, blemishes and discolorations.

Many home-improvement retailers carry the products of some burn container manufacturers, such as Behrens Manufacturing, one of the oldest manufacturers of steel containers in the United States. Behrens’ products are also available on Walmart and online retailers, such as Amazon.com.

Manufacturers may also sell their products exclusively on their online sites. DrPower.com, an equipment manufacturer, distributor and retailer, offers durable burn cages on its website. Its containers are designed to catch embers and other residue for cleaner and more efficient burning. DrPower.com also offers collapsible burn cages for portability.