What Are Some Retailers That Sell Wooden Picnic Benches?

Lowe’s and Home Depot sell yellow pine and cedar picnic tables with benches. Westminster Teak and Forever Redwood offer high-end redwood and teak picnic tables with benches.

Lowes.com and HomeDepot.com list several types of wood picnic tables, which come either with attached or detached benches. As of 2015, the best-selling and highest-rated picnic table offered by both retailers is a standard 72-inch rectangle table with two attached benches made of Southern yellow pine. The version sold at Lowes.com differs slightly with notched corners on the benches.

WestminsterTeak.com manufactures and sells certified Grade A teak picnic tables with benches. It sells a standard size and a large, veranda-style picnic tables with benches. The first selection is a 5-foot rectangular table, which folds up flat for storage and comes with two detached 5-foot benches. The veranda-style picnic table comes with a double-leaf extension to adjust the length from just over 7 feet to almost 10 feet. It includes four 5-foot benches and two end seats. WestminsterTeak.com provides a lifetime warranty on its products.

ForeverRedwood.com sells one style of picnic table with or without benches. Customers select the table length and width, bench type and wood grade. Tables range from 4 to 14 feet long and 28.75 to 46 inches wide. Side bench lengths match the chosen table length and come with or without full backs. ForeverRedwood.com offers a choice of wood grade between Douglas fir, con-common redwood, mature redwood, old-growth redwood and a mosaic of the four other grades. Product warranties differ based on selected wood grade.