What Retailers Sell Tile Grout?


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Retailers that sell tile grout include The Home Depot, Ace Hardware and Lowe's. Standard grout comes in sanded and non-sanded mixtures, and must be mixed into a consistency resembling mashed potatoes before use. Home improvement retailers also sell pre-mixed grout that has consistent color and is easy to apply. Neutral colors such as white, beige, brown and gray are often available when purchasing specific brands of grout.

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Reading product labels is the best way to ensure the right type of grout is selected at the home improvement store. Sanded grout is preferable for large spaces that require grouting, because it doesn't cause unsightly shrinkage or crack marks. Non-sanded grout mixtures are fine for most grouting projects. When it comes to grout color, picking a color that is close to the tile color hides grout joints. Darker grout colors do a better job of hiding dirt than lighter colors.

In addition to the grout mixture, a good grout sealer should be purchased as well. Tools needed to apply tile grout properly include a trowel, cheesecloth, paintbrush, razor blade and an old toothbrush. A bucket is needed for mixing the grout, if using dry grout mix, and two additional buckets are needed for water. Wearing rubber gloves during the application helps protect hands.

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