Which Retailers Sell Sturdy Plastic Drawer Storage Bins?

Which Retailers Sell Sturdy Plastic Drawer Storage Bins?

Walmart, Target and Office Depot sell a variety of sturdy plastic drawer storage bins. Other sources of these items include The Home Depot and Global Equipment Company. These vendors also sell many other types of plastic storage containers.

Global Equipment Company stocks a large assortment of industrial-strength plastic drawer storage units. The catalog includes stackable plastic bins, individual plastic drawers, and rolling racks with plastic drawers. The company also offers other plastic storage solutions such as lidded bins, shopping baskets, crates and nested shipping containers.

Office Depot sells a variety of plastic drawer storage bins designed for office and classroom use. The selection includes portable plastic file bins, lidded drawers and stackable open-front organizational bins in several sizes. Office Depot also sells desk storage solutions and storage cabinets.

The Home Depot sells rolling plastic drawer carts, individual plastic bins and plastic multi-drawer organizers. The company also offers a large selection of portable small item organizers with miniature plastic drawers. Related items sold by The Home Depot include plastic drawer organizers and protective vinyl drawer liners.

Target stocks plastic drawer bins in a variety of sizes and configurations. One popular item is the Sterilite Ultra 4-Drawer Storage Cart. This cart features caster wheels, an opaque plastic frame, two shallow drawers and two deep drawers.