Which Retailers Sell Smoke Eater Filters?

Which Retailers Sell Smoke Eater Filters?

Smoke eater filters are sold by Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target and many other major retailers. These companies also sell smoke eaters, also called air purifiers, and replacement parts.

Smoke eater filters clean the air by removing pollen, cigarette smoke, dust, animal dander and other particulates. Most filters are disposable and require regular replacement, as air purifiers with clogged filters are ineffective.

There are six types of smoke eater filters: electric, ozone, electrostatic, carbon, electronic-carbon and ultraviolet-electronic-carbon. Carbon filters are powerful odor absorbers that eliminate unpleasant smells such as cigarette smoke. Many carbon filters also have electronic, electrostatic or ultraviolet components.

Electrostatic filters attract dust and dirt without a fan. They require frequent cleaning, but are not disposable. The most effective electrostatic air purifiers combine electrostatic filters with other types.

The most powerful smoke eater filters combine carbon, electrostatic and ultraviolet technology. The carbon provides rapid odor absorption, the electrostatic plate attracts particulates, and ultraviolet light kills many types of bacteria and viruses.

To clean the air, a smoke eater filter must be inserted into an air purifier. Air purifiers come in several styles. Portable models treat individual rooms, and central residential systems purify the air in an entire house. Other residential models attach to a wall or ceiling. Commercial and industrial air purifiers are larger and more powerful than residential units.