Which Retailers Sell Katie Brown Dinnerware?

Which Retailers Sell Katie Brown Dinnerware?

Katie Brown dinnerware pieces are found exclusively at all Meijer stores. Katie has partnered with the giant Midwest retailer to offer her signature line of home products.

American TV show host and syndicated author Katie Brown has launched two exceptional home collections. Both collections are distinctly different and are reminiscent of places she has visited and experiences she has had there.

The Orchard Collection evokes rustic retreats, mountain side homes and a warm hearth. Warm, vibrant earth tones are used generously in this line, and the intention is clearly to create comfort, relaxation and an unaffected lifestyle.

The Northern Shores Collection is of a minimalist design and is an obvious contrast to the Orchard collection. These line features lots of strikingly white table linens, stainless steel servers, porcelain dinnerware and nautical reminders. A crisp, minimalist theme brings to mind images of windswept bays.

This collaboration with Katie Brown, who is a prominent national personality, is the first of its kind for Meijer, and they have made the collections available in all of its 191 retail outlets in the Midwest. The Katie Brown collections have expanded to include much more than dinnerware and home products. The line has grown to accommodate items such as patio furniture, gardening tools and outdoor accents. Bed and bath products, wooden bowls and ceramic vases are also a part of the widely eclectic collection.