What Retailers Sell EdenPURE Heaters?

EdenPURE heaters are available through the company's own website as well as online retailers such as Amazon.com and eBay. Home improvement stores such as Lowe's also sell EdenPURE heaters.

The largest selection of EdenPURE heaters is available through the manufacturer's website. The company sells eight EdenPURE heaters as well as the accessories that go with it. These accessories include anti-microbial filters, dust jackets and remote controls. In 2015, the prices of the heaters ranged from $74 for a compact heater to $397 for a climate-controlling unit that both heats and cools. EdenPURE also offers portable and space heaters. As of February 2015, the site does not charge for shipping.

Online retailers such as Amazon.com and eBay sell new and used EdenPURE heaters from other retailers as well as from individual sellers. Consumers can also purchase EdenPURE heaters in local stores such as Lowe's, though the selection may be limited. However, stores can usually order other models and either ship them to buyers' homes or to the store.

EdenPURE heaters often receive mixed reviews. Many customers on Amazon.com, for example, like the heaters' functionality. However, other customers claim they've purchased several that do not work properly. Lowe's customers like that the heaters are portable and efficient, but they also claim the heaters are expensive and use a lot of energy.