What Retailers Sell Cheap Barrels?


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Some online retailers that sell cheap barrels include Wooden Barrel Warehouse and Rocky Mountain Barrel Company. A couple other options are Barrels Unlimited and Lexington Container Company. There are many different kinds of barrels, designed to carry different types of products, but most barrels are sold for the purpose of storing wine and other spirits.

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Wooden Barrel Warehouse has wooden barrels for wine or for projects around the house. If you're looking for barrels for home projects, consider making a coffee table out of a whiskey barrel, or chairs with wine barrels. If you want barrels that can age wine, beer and spirits, use an oak barrel that's charred inside. Charring intensifies the oak and transmits flavor and aroma to any liquids stored within.

Rocky Mountain Barrel Company has barrels that can be used as meat smokers, yard decorations, trash cans, coolers and even as a bathtub for pets. Some customers use these wine barrels to create water fountains or establish thematic marketing pieces.

Barrels Unlimited specializes in new oak barrels. These barrels come in eight different sizes that range from a storage capacity of 5 gallons to 80 gallons. Barrels Unlimited also sells barrels that are cut in half for customers who want to make half-barrel decorations or furniture.

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