What Retailers Sell Bemis Humidifiers?


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Bemis air humidifiers are available for purchase at the iAllergy website, Sears online and the Essick Air website. The entire line of Bemis humidifiers are branded as Bemis by Essick Air, which is due to the Bemis Company selling its humidifier division to Essick Air.

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Essick Air sells a full range of Bemis humdifiers designed for a single room, multiple rooms or an entire home. Bemis humidifiers are designed to add moisture to a an indoor space based on a specific number of square feet. For example, a room that measures between 300 and 500 square feet is served well by a humidifier with a maximum range of 700 square feet. If humidity is desired for more than one room, a Bemis air humidifier that covers over 1,000 square feet is a good choice.

Some Bemis models humidify medium- and large-sized homes with more than 2,000 square feet of space. Homeowners searching for one humidifier for the entire house can choose Bemis humidifier models that cover 2,000 or more square feet. The amount of water a unit holds is another consideration when choosing a humidifier. Water gallon capacity for Bemis humidifiers ranges from 1.7 gallons to 6 gallons. Replacement parts for Bemis humidifiers can be purchased at the Appliance Factory Parts website.

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