What Retailers Provide Barbecue Grill Rentals?

Barbecue grill rentals are available from a number of companies, including RentBBQ.com, Barbecue Co., Real Grill, Party Line Rentals and Dallas BBQ Grill Rentals, as of 2015. Most of these companies only rent grills within a particular geographic region.

Rental costs vary wildly based on what is included in the listed price. RentBBQ.com and Barbecue Co. do not list any prices on their websites, instead requiring customers to call them for pricing information and availability. RentBBQ.com adds a $30 cleaning deposit and a fully refundable $200 damage deposit to all rentals, while Barbecue Co. also charges a security deposit and adds extra for propane, wood and delivery. Discounted rates are available for longer term rentals from Barbecue Co. Barbecue Co. also offers a full catering package that includes a canopy, tables, salad bowls, baskets and chef services in addition to the grill.

The Greater Atlanta's Real Grill also offers an all-encompassing package including a 10-gallon water cooler, 100-quart ice chest, three picnic tables and 40 pounds of charcoal. Additional water coolers, ice chests, picnic tables and charcoal are available for a nominal charge. The total price ranges from $200 to $400 per day based on the grill selected, and includes delivery, pickup and cleaning.

Dallas BBQ Grill Rentals charges $75 per 24-hour grill rental, with a $25 cleaning fee; extras such as propane, propane burners, aprons and utensils cost more money.

Party Lines Rentals does not include any extras with grill rentals, but does sell propane, charcoal and lighter fluid alongside its rentals.