What Retailers Carry Storage Bins on Wheels?

What Retailers Carry Storage Bins on Wheels?

As of 2015, retailers selling storage bins on wheels include Target, The Home Depot, Ikea, Walmart and Amazon.com. Both Amazon.com and Walmart sell the 45-gallon Rubbermaid Roughneck wheeled rubber storage box that has built-in handles and a shatterproof, snap on lid.

Walmart sells several other wheeled storage bins as well, including under-the-bed wheeled storage trunks and Delta storage bins that fold flat when not in use.

The Home Depot's website features a 67-quart plastic wheeled latch box from Sterilite that features a dual opening lid and has a flat profile that allows it to be stored under a bed. This latch box normally sells for around $20 and is constructed of transparent plastic that allows for easy identification of items.

Ikea sells the Vessla storage box with casters for around $6. The Vessla boxes are stackable and feature a top edge that doubles as a handle. Although this storage box is sold without a lid, customers can purchase the Vessla lid separately.

Target sells a Circo stackable wheeled storage bin that looks quite similar to the Ikea Vessla storage box, except that the Circo bin features a plastic handle on each end. It is also slightly more expensive, as it normally sells for around $10.