What Are Some Retailers That Carry Pergola Deck Shade Covers?

What Are Some Retailers That Carry Pergola Deck Shade Covers?

HomeDepot.com, GardenWinds.com and Amazon.com are three retailers that carry pergola deck shade covers. Garden Winds sells its own brand of pergola deck shade covers on its website and on Amazon.com.

Hampton Bay is one brand of pergola deck shade cover that is available on HomeDepot.com as of 2016. The Hampton Bay pergola deck canopy measures about 113 inches by 92.5 inches and retails for approximately $49.

GardenWinds.com sells several different types of pergola deck shade covers, including five different universal replacement pergola shade canopies. Prices range from about $30 to $180, and color choices include terra cotta, nutmeg, green spruce, beige whisper and cinnabar.

GardenWinds.com also allows website visitors to confirm the availability of its custom canopy products by the external vendors that sell it. Some external vendors include Walmart, Target, Lowes, Menard's and Home Depot. Clicking a vendor's name under a series of product results retrieves all the Garden Winds pergola deck shade covers that are compatible with the vendor's custom canopies.

The inventory of pergola deck shade covers on Amazon.com includes brands such as Gale Pacific, Bosmere, Yescom and Yardistry. Prices range from approximately $25 to $200 with new and used options from private vendors selling in the Amazon virtual marketplace. Amazon.com also features reviews for many of its products.