What Retailers Carry Maytag Downdraft Ranges?

What Retailers Carry Maytag Downdraft Ranges?

Retailers that sell Maytag downdraft ranges include Home Depot, Appliances Connection and AJ Madison. A shoppers can also find the list of local retailers through the official Maytag website by providing information regarding his place of residence.

As of 2015, retailers typically offer two Maytag downdraft range models: the 30-inch UXD8630DYS and the 36-inch UXD8636DYS model. The prices for the 30-inch model range from $894 to $929, while the base suggested retail price set by Maytag is $1,099. The 36-inch model is slightly more expensive, with the prices that range from $939 to $979.

When buying Maytag downdraft ranges, Home Depot provides its customer with free home delivery and hauling. The Home Depot website provides information regarding specifications and product overview of the two models in addition to reviews submitted by other customers. Home Depot also offers cleaners and cleaning wipes intended for the stainless steel finish that the two Maytag downdraft range models feature. Visitors can input their ZIP codes in the Check Availability field to determine the earliest delivery date.

When delivering Maytag downdraft ranges, Appliances Connection normally informs the buyer two days in advance and offers the White Glove service that entails the placement and installation of the appliance in addition to cleaning any debris.

Similar to Home Depot and Appliances Connection, AJ Madison Inc. provides installation instructions, owner’s manuals and warranty information for both Maytag downdraft range models in PDF format.