What Are Some Retailers That Carry Malibu Low-Voltage Lighting?

As of 2015, Malibu lights are no longer available through retailers because the company became bankrupt, but consumers can still find Malibu low-voltage lights on eBay.com and Amazon.com. Previous to bankruptcy, Malibu lights were available from Home Depot.

Sellers still have Malibu low-voltage lights available on eBay.com, including flood lights, landscape lighting and bollard-style lights, among others. Sellers also have accessories for Malibu lights, such as replacement bulbs, timers, transformers, adapters and wires. Buyers can also find sets of lights and remote controls. Some of the items on eBay.com are available by auction only, so buyers should read the listing before buying. Buyers on eBay.com can refine search results by the power source, material, condition and price.

Amazon.com also sells the remaining Malibu low-voltage lighting products available, and consumers can find flood lighting, bollard lights, landscape lights, submersible lights and more. There are also accessories available for Malibu lights, such as wires, color lenses, replacement stakes and connectors. Customers can refine the search results on Amazon.com for low-voltage Malibu lights by material, color, voltage, light type and wattage. Some of the items are available for Amazon Prime service and many sellers have limits on inventory. Buyers can also read reviews on these products before buying by clicking on the star rating near each listing.