What Retailers Carry Kinetico Water Softeners?


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As of 2015, Kinetico water softeners are only sold by local Kinetico-approved dealers, known as Kinetico water experts. Customers can search for a local Kinetico dealer on the company website by clicking the Find Your Local Water Expert button on the left side of the page.

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Kinetico produces a wide variety of water softeners in six different series, including the Kinetico Premier Series, Kinetico Signature Series and Kinetico Essential Series. The company also manufactures the Kinetico Series, Powerline Series and Aquakinetic Series of water softeners. With the exception of the Powerline Series, the majority of Kinetico water softeners are non-electric, meaning there are no timers to set or computer parts to replace.

The Kinetico Premier Series is a multi-tank, high-flow system designed for homes and buildings with the most complicated water conditions. The Aquakinetic, Kinetico Essential and Kinetico Signature Series are designed for buildings with less complicated water conditions. The Aquakinetic and Kinetico Signature Series both feature a two-tank design, while the Kinetico Essential Series features a compact one-tank design.

Kinetico products soften hard water by removing magnesium and calcium ions from it as it passes through the softener's resin bed. The resin bed is then cleaned with salt to remove the hard ions and allow the ion-exchange process to resume.

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