What Retailers Carry Inverter Air Conditioners?

What Retailers Carry Inverter Air Conditioners?

Inverter air conditioners are available from AC Wholesalers and Total Home Supply. Major brands are also available from many independent contractors and climate control providers.

Inverter air conditioners are compressor-powered appliances. They are generally more expensive than traditional air conditioners, but they are also more efficient and cool a room more rapidly than other models.

Fan operation is one of the most important differences between inverter air conditioners and traditional units. After cooling the room to the target temperature, traditional air conditioners cycle on and off. The short bursts of operation maintain the desired temperature, and the dormant periods prevent the room from becoming too cold. Inverter units have variable-speed motors that run constantly. However, the motor adjusts its speed based on temperature sensor feedback.

Operating noise is another important area in which inverter air conditioners and traditional units differ. Although inverter motors are always active, they produce less noise than other air conditioners. This makes them popular in urban neighborhoods and other confined areas. Additionally, inverter motor units are often installed outside, which greatly reduces indoor noise.

Inverter technology is not confined to large residential air conditioners. Many portable styles are also available. For example, the DeLonghi PAC WE18INV is a small inverter air conditioner and dehumidifier that offers three fan speeds, automatic mode and a sleep timer.