What Retailers Carry Hayward Heaters?

What Retailers Carry Hayward Heaters?

Hayward pool heaters are sold through specialty pool dealers or websites, such as Pool and Spa Supply or Pool Supply Unlimited. Hayward's official website features a list of all dealers.

Hayward offers in-ground and above-ground electric, natural gas and propane pool heaters.

For above-ground pools, the Hayward H-Series induced draft heater is available in natural gas and propane models. With 100,000 BTU input, this heater is able to heat a pool of any size. Induced draft technology allows the heater to perform in all weather conditions, including high winds. The heater also features an easy-to-program electronic control panel for automatic heating. To protect against injury, the casing is cool to the touch.

For in-ground pools, Hayward offers the H-Series with different specifications. Propane and natural gas models come with heat input capabilities of 150,000 to 500,000 BTU. These heaters are energy efficient and meet clean air standards. To heat water as quickly as possible, water flows through all of the tubes at the same velocity. To protect against damage, the housing is resistant to salt and chemical corrosion.

For smaller pools, Hayward offers heat pumps that provide 50,000 BTU of heat for above-ground pools and 50.000 to 140,000 BTU for in-ground pools.