What Retailers Carry Capresso Kettles?

What Retailers Carry Capresso Kettles?

Retailers that carry Capresso kettles include Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon.com and Best Buy. These retailers offer kettles in a variety of models such as the Capresso H2O Pro, Capresso temperature-controlled water kettle and the Capresso 259 H2O Plus glass water kettle.

Each retailer allows customers to purchase Capresso water kettles online. Depending on the model and date of availability, Capresso water kettles may also be purchased in Bed Bath & Beyond and Best Buy retail locations. Retailer websites include terms of sale, returns and exchange policies, product descriptions and pricing information.

The Capresso H2O Pro water kettle features extended boil and duration settings, digital temperature controls, warming settings and automatic shut off. This kettle is cordless and can hold up to 56 ounces of water.

With adjustable temperature controls, the Capresso temperature-controlled water kettle allows users to select temperatures between 100 degrees Fahrenheit and 212 degrees Fahrenheit. This kettle holds up to 46 ounces of water and shuts off automatically when the kettle reaches the correct temperature.

The Capresso 259 H2O Plus glass water kettle also features a cordless design and auto shut off function. This water kettle does not allow users to adjust the water temperature, however.