Which Retailers Carry Bosch Appliance Replacement Parts?

Which Retailers Carry Bosch Appliance Replacement Parts?

Retail websites that carry Bosch appliance replacement parts include Bosch-Home, Appliance Parts Pros, Repair Clinic and Parts Tap. Bosch-Home's replacement part inventory is organized by appliance type and model number. The website includes diagrams of Bosch appliances that help to assist customers in finding the appropriate part.

Bosch-Home contains parts for various Bosch appliances including dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, washers, dryers and coffee machines.

Appliance Parts Pros has an inventory of Bosch appliance replacement parts organized by appliance and part type. The website also offers free technical support, a 365-day return policy on all of its parts, and instructional videos for many replacement parts that are designed to assist customers with the installation process.

Repair Clinic sells replacement parts for only Bosch washer and dishwasher models. The website also offers a 365-day return policy. Inventory is organized by part type and title, and the website includes a list of common problems to assist customers with troubleshooting their appliance.

Parts Tap requires its customers to know the model or part number of their Bosch appliance. The website offers general troubleshooting guides for various appliances including washers, dryers and ovens. Shipping options for replacement parts range from $6.50 for standard 2 to 5 business day shipping to $25 for FedEx overnight shipping.