How Do You Resurface Kitchen Countertops?

How Do You Resurface Kitchen Countertops?

To resurface a kitchen countertop, wash and prime it, apply three colors of metallic paint, apply a topcoat, and caulk the sink. This three-day project creates a faux granite finish. The required supplies are rags, cleanser, masking tape, primer, paper plates, paint, sponges, paintbrushes, a paint roller, sealant and caulk.

  1. Wash and prime the countertop

    Wash the countertop with a rag dipped in an alcohol-based cleanser. Dry the surface for 20 minutes, mask all surrounding surfaces, and cover the countertop with primer. Give the surface at least four hours to dry.

  2. Apply three colors of metallic paint

    Pour a small amount of three metallic paint colors onto separate paper plates. Dip natural sponges in the paint, and pat them over the countertop. Do not pull the sponges across the surface. Refill the paper plates as needed. Give the paint eight hours to dry.

  3. Seal the countertop

    Apply three coats of clear sealant. Use a foam paintbrush to seal the edges and corners, and use a paint roller for the rest of the countertop. Give each coat four hours to dry.

  4. Caulk the sink

    Squeeze a thin line of clear silicon caulk around the sink, and let it air dry for 36 hours.